machinima: crossing of a past self



designed, printed and bound by

korina gallika

published by

a great gimmick

text by

giannis galiatsos

web development by

panos nikolakakis




Crossing of a Past Self

For Machinima, Korina Gallika draws inspiration from her gaming past, creating a liminal space between fantasy, reality and memory, and exploring the different kinds of lives one can possibly live between those planes. Searching deep into her gaming memories (like the first time of building a Bionicle or seeing one’s face in an EyeToy), she discovers a world etched in low resolution images, titles, shadows, notes, sounds, handwritings and cheat sheets. Trying to salvage and replay these hazy recollections she uses various techniques in order to reimagine these scraps into new visual depictions that act as image containers or vessels of memory.

24p. + cover
14 x 19 cm
Soft Cover/Staple Binding
First Edition of 44
Printed in Black and Light Blue Riso